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                  • Scientific parenting, mother's wise choice

                    The RekingBaby Nursery Center is an educational institution for potential development programs designed for 3-18 months of babies. Combining early education and medical care provides a warm and enjoyable environment for families to care for their babies.

                  • Taiwan nursery experts come to guide

                    Reingbaby deep nursery teacher personal guidance, environmentally safe care facilities, intimate care teaching system, rich scientific nutrition mix. We are committed to caring for every baby with love, let TA grow up healthy and happy in our warm arms!

                  • Children have irreplaceable homes during the day

                    RekingBaby's mission is to "deliver the education of love". Baby talk is the embodiment of RekingBaby's "love to build a home". Based on the development of children's multiple intelligences, combined with the research program of the American FPG Child Development Research Center, it is the first to propose "developmental education" in China.

                  • International nursery program is more flexible and effective

                    RekingBaby's Bebeto curriculum design relies on the concept of "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education" and the "FPG Early Learning Program" in the United States. It combines various international frontier authoritative early education concepts and adopts two forms of instructor-oriented activities and child-oriented activities to make RekingBaby Bebeto. 

                  • Multi-energy curriculum, comprehensive development

                    Human intelligence is not a single ability, but is composed of multiple abilities, including: language intelligence, logical thinking intelligence, spatial intelligence, physical operation intelligence, music intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, introspective intelligence, and natural exploration intelligence.

                  • Parent-child interaction, building a bond of happiness

                    Reking Baby International Early Learning enhances the interaction between parents and babies in the parent-child classroom. At the same time, Reking Baby also opened a regular parent-child school for parents to establish a good parent-child interaction opportunity for parents and children.

                  • Give your child a good idea, it is better to give your child a new way of thinking.

                    RekingBaby German-style whole-brain logic course can stimulate children's systematic logical thinking, enrich the teaching content, cultivate independent and independent testing habits, and provide children with a good way to promote the development of intellectual thinking in these activities.

                  • Logical thinkers are trained like this

                    Logical thinking is the foundation of intellectual development. Children begin to think rationally, and their understanding of symbols will be the basis of reading and mathematics. Logical thinking can help them establish the rationality of doing things, and distinguish between right and wrong, and cultivate good character and moral values.

                  • Children need scientific and systematic sense training

                    The sensory integration course is a combination of traditional sensory integration theory, which allows children to lay the foundation for superhuman development and learning in a happy atmosphere according to the development level of children and future needs!

                  • Sensory integration and coordinated development enhance children's learning ability

                    This is a special sensory integration training course designed for Chinese children aged 0-6 to use professional systems. It is the first set of real sensory integration training courses in China that combines medicine and education to help young children achieve high-quality sensory integration development.

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                  Pluralistic functionAge educationSmall class teaching

                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



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