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                  “Ruiqi Pingzhou?Xingyaojiabang” rekingbaby Pingzhou Center opening ceremony was a complete success~

                  Author:amy  Date:2018-05-26  From:Rekingbaby  Hits:692

                       The world of parent-child, everything is so beautiful! Every effort is a deep love for the baby.

                       Someone once told me that the fate between me and my baby is wonderful.

                       Starting from the beginning, deep care, and love forever, I believe that I can accompany my baby.

                       Going far and far together, and I am willing to wait for it. Just for the first time with the baby!

                       Thanks to the founder Fan of rekingbaby, this platform of love is built. Let us work together for a career with love!

                  ——Sentences from investors who rekingbaby joined the campus of Pingzhou Center


                  On May 26, 2018, the rekingbaby Pingzhou Center ushered in the long-awaited opening ceremony! After several months of careful design, the Pingzhou Center was grandly unveiled. This is a concept space for early education specially designed from the perspective of children. We are committed to cultivating children's creativity in a happy, fun, and child-friendly way. A child can grow up happy and happy here!


                  Every rekingbaby is a paradise for children. Pingzhou Center has a very energetic, careful and loving team. I believe that Pingzhou Center will bring joy and touch to children, grow and harvest like other centers. !


                  On May 26th, a lot of families came to the center lobby in the early morning, and the popularity was full of people! The mysterious appearance of the cute little pig Peggy family brought endless joy to many children.


                  A group of cute Xiaomengbao’s “Happy Enlightenment” kicked off the celebration, and the people present were shocked by the wonderful performances of this group of Mengbao~


                  The youthful and beautiful RekingBaby instructor brings you the dynamic dance, and instantly turns over the audience~


                  Mr. Tang, the investor of RekingBaby Pingzhou Center, took the stage and was very happy. Everyone can take the time to participate in the opening ceremony and express their gratitude! The original intention of joining rekingbaby is due to the love of infant education. I feel that my child has undergone great changes after receiving early education. I realize the importance of early education to children's life and hope to bring this loveful cause. Continue to pass on.


                  Next is the most important part of today: the ribbon-cutting ceremony! The sound of the ceremonial salute, accompanied by the fireworks flying in the sky, announced that the rekingbaby Pingzhou Center was formally established, with a big sun, also symbolizing the rekingbaby Pingzhou Center is booming and opening! !


                       The gongs and drums of the Haotian, the lion dance of the captain, symbolizes that the rekingbaby Pingzhou Center is booming, and the financial resources are rolling, bringing more professional early education to every family and baby in Pingzhou!


                  The end of the lion dance is a wonderful classroom activity, with a very beautiful Hawaii, a fun world of polar worlds, a beautiful music game, a brain building kingdom, etc. The scene is fun and fun, parent-child interactive game, let parents and baby together Spend a happy parenting time...


                  At the end of this opening event, the exciting lottery session will bring the event to a climax, congratulations to the winning parents! Parents who have not been drawn are not depressed~~ Each parent can receive a beautiful gift with an invitation letter!


                  The rekingbaby Pingzhou Center opening ceremony has come to an end. I sincerely hope that all the children will grow up healthily and happy, and wish every family happiness and good luck! I also wish that the RekingBaby Pingzhou Center will be more brilliant tomorrow! ! At the end of the event, I would like to thank all the parents for their active participation. The teachers did not ask for the hard work of returning, and the rekingbaby headquarters and the strong support of the campuses made the opening of the event a complete success.235.gif

                  For more activities, please pay attention to the official WeChat platform of Ruixing Beibei!

                  【Join Hotline】400—088—8050    Mr:Li 18988661990     Mr fan:19928214444     

                  Chengzhao all provinces and cities across the country to join cooperative agents!

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                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



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