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                  [Signature News] Congratulations on rekingbaby

                  Author:amy  Date:2018-06-07  From:Rekingbaby  Hits:688

                  Rekingbaby has been established for 12 years. After many hardships and hardships, it has been full of wings today.。

                  Congratulations on rekingbaby, strong presence in Ningxiang City, Hunan Province. It is about to bloom all over the country, so stay tuned!

                  Congratulations to Hunan Ningxiang rekingbaby early education center

                  Successful signing

                  On June 6, Ms. Fan Yaqing, the founder of rekingbaby, signed a successful contract with the investor of Hunan Ningxiang. The Ningxiang Center was officially announced. This is another masterpiece after the rekingbaby Lake Center. It is also the first time for rekingbaby to brew in 2018. Cooperation!


                  June is a colorful season, bid farewell to the gentle spring breeze, ushered in a hot summer day, in this welcoming season, rekingbaby then pass the news, add new members, successfully entered Hunan Ningxiang City - the country The key economic development zone has a superior geographical position, dense population, convenient transportation, and the advantages are self-evident. The market potential is huge!

                  Hunan is one of the important birthplaces of Huaxia civilization. As a prefecture-level city in Hunan Province, Ningxiang City is managed by Changsha, the provincial capital. It is a national economic development zone with huge market potential! This is also the hometown of our rekingbaby founder Fan, who is involved in the education industry. She always hopes to promote the excellent early education career to the hometown, so that more babies and parents in the hometown can receive systematic early education knowledge and advanced educational concepts. And the curriculum system brings more families and benefits hometowners.


                  I believe that the Rekingbaby Ningxiang Center will continue to adhere to this love path with love and responsibility, and contribute a great power to the popularization and development of early Chinese education to create a better future for more babies! Rekingbaby people will continue to adhere to the "focus on love" concept, adhere to the warm and loving early education, do not forget the initial heart, for love to move forward!

                  Extra! Extra! Extra! Rekingbaby from the second center, after a few months of careful preparation! It will open on June 17th! Super thanksgiving, waiting for you to grab...

                  Rekingbaby adheres to the educational philosophy of “focusing on love” and has been deeply educating infants and young children for 12 years. It is committed to providing special education courses for parents aged 0-8, such as parent-child early education, special baby care, quality education, and German-style brain logic. We sincerely invite you to join us as an angel business and contribute a great power to the Chinese baby to enjoy quality early education! Join the hotline: 400-088-8050!


                  For more activities, please pay attention to the official WeChat platform of Ruixing Beibei!

                  【Join Hotline】400—088—8050    Mr:Li 18988661990     Mr fan:19928214444     

                  Chengzhao all provinces and cities across the country to join cooperative agents!

                  rekingbaby--定版_62.jpgNURSERYrekingbaby--定版_57.jpgPARENT-CHILD EARLY EDUCATIONrekingbaby--定版_59.jpgKINDERGARTEN
                  Pluralistic functionAge educationSmall class teaching

                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



                  More exciting


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