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                  [Opening good news] rekingbaby music from the second center on June 17 grand opening, thanks to the benefits ~

                  Author:amy  Date:2018-06-17  From:Rekingbaby  Hits:1023

                            Today is a good day and an annual Father's Day! We always like to say that "the father loves the mountain" because the father loves deep like a mountain, and Dad is sometimes not good at expressing love. But Dad is our most solid reliance. I wish the father of the whole world a happy holiday! Sincerely say: You have worked hard!


                           On such a special day today, when Father’s Day hit the World Cup on the Dragon Boat Festival and then hit the World Cup, Ruixing Babeile ushered in the long-awaited grand opening ceremony from the second center!



                            Passionate worship, bloody. In the summer of 2018, Ruixing Beibei is destined to be extraordinary!

                        On June 17, 2018, Ruixing Beibeier held a grand opening ceremony from the Second Center Center and achieved great success! First of all, I am very grateful to the support and blessings of people from all walks of life. Thank you very much for your participation and recognition! The opening ceremony was shocking and lively, and the exciting programs went out one after another. The friends of all sizes were having a good time.

                  Let's share the happy and wonderful time silhouette together!


                  Opening performance  Qihe opened  

                     Although the weather is hot, still can not stop everyone's enthusiasm for the event, a group of cute little Meng Bao brought the opening show "rejoice" youthful and beautiful instructor's dance moments high turn the audience!



                        Parents’ speeches      

                            The parents of the Lecong campus students spoke, the father said: Because the baby has been teaching early on the rekingbaby, I really feel the growth and change of the child! A wise choice for a wise parent, the child will benefit for life!



                  Ribbon-cutting lion, opening a good luck        

                  The next ceremonial sensation of the ribbon-cutting lion dance, the fiery red June, symbolizing rekingbaby, Lecong second center will also be booming and opening! Bring more professional early education to every family and baby nearby!



                  Game link, parent-child interaction        

                  Wonderful classroom themed activities, Hawaiian style, underwater world. Music puppets, logical storms. Let parents and treasures have a happy parent-child time!



                  Report a golden egg, draw a prize to win a gift       


                  At the event, many parents came to consult and learn about the enrollment course, and sent an educational gift to the baby! The on-the-spot report, the Golden Egg Draw Awards, is to push the event to a climax! The exciting lottery session once again pushed the event to a climax. Congratulations to the award-winning parents, parents who have not been drawn are not depressed~ With the invitation, you can receive a beautiful gift!



                   Multi-campus Qihe, join hands to create brilliant    


                  Multi-campus Qihe, join hands to create brilliant! Rekingbaby major campuses have come to congratulate, let us work together to love the cause! Go forward and create brilliant!


                            Rekingbaby Lecong’s second center opening ceremony has come to an end! Thank you for your active participation, thank you for your hard work, thank you to the rekingbaby headquarters and the strong support of the campuses, which made the opening of the event a complete success! I wish RekingBaby will be more brilliant tomorrow from the second center, performance Changhong! Sincerely wish all the babies grow up healthy and happy, and wish every family happiness and good luck! Finally, I wish the great father of the whole world a happy holiday!



                  For more activities, please pay attention to the official WeChat platform of Ruixing Beibei!

                  【Join Hotline】400—088—8050    Mr:Li 18988661990     Mr fan:19928214444     

                  Chengzhao all provinces and cities across the country to join cooperative agents!

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                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



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