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                  “Ju Li Winning ? Soaring 2019” rekingbaby joined the school annual summary plan meeting ended successfully

                  Author:rekingbaby  Date:2019-02-16  From:rekingbaby  Hits:699

                  On January 15th, 2019, in such a beautiful season of spring blossoms and recovery of all things, Ruixing Beibei's 2019 affiliate school annual summary plan meeting came to the forefront of everyone's expectations.

                  All the representatives of the franchise school gathered at the headquarters to attend this meeting. The meeting was held to sum up the past and plan the future, and to discuss and win more development plans.


                  Ms. Zhang Xinyu, the executive director of rekingbaby headquarters, made an overall review and objective analysis of the support and support work for the participating campuses in 2018.

                  Not only confirmed the results, but also pointed out the shortcomings, and made a new plan for the work plan of 2019, I hope that the school districts seize the opportunity, work hard, and strive for the next goal in 2019!


                  Rekingbaby leaders of the participating schools also analyzed and summarized the work of their own campus, and raised questions and suggestions.

                  The heads of the headquarters responded to the questions of each school district one by one. I hope that the school districts will invest in the next year's work with more enthusiasm and fullness, and create brilliant together!


                  Xi Da in the 2019 New Year message, "We are all working hard, we are all dreamers" to encourage everyone.

                  The franchise partners who also have educational feelings have joined the rekingbaby family for their ideals and persistence, and become a family that loves each other.

                  In order to let more children enjoy more quality early education, be a dream catcher who strives to run and educate the heart!


                  “Gathering Winning and Winning 2019” rekingbaby joined the school annual summary plan meeting ended successfully! Standing on the starting line of the New Year, all the stars will strive to achieve new achievements!

                  Rekingbaby will continue to make a paddle and innovation as a sail, as always, not forgetting the heart, not paying the present, not afraid of the future, squatting forward!


                  More rich activities, please pay attention to the official platform of kingbaby!

                  [Join hotline] 400—088—8050    Teacher Li: 18988661990     Teacher Fan: 19928214444      Recruitment agents from all provinces and cities across the country!

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                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



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