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                  Ruixing Beibei Zhanglu Center Anniversary Event Complete Success, Wonderful Review

                  Author:rekingbaby  Date:2018-10-26  From:rekingbaby  Hits:646

                  Time flies, years like a shuttle, Ruixing Jiabei baby school 3 years old! Thank you to accompany us all the way to the parents and baby, it is with your encounter, your trust, only to achieve such a brilliant bloom, brilliant growth road.


                  Thank you for being with you! On October 21st, the Ruixing Jiabei Baby School ushered in its third birthday. Bao Da Bao Ma and the baby spent a happy and happy parent-child time in a laugh. Now, please join the editor in reviewing the wonderful moments we captured at the event.


                  Before the official start of the event, the stage is greatly signed to the wall. Each family stops to leave a message. The baboons write down their blessing on the baby and their blessing on the center!



                  9 am, Grand anniversary event opens the curtain! After a period of rehearsal, the little babies are finally ready to perform on stage. This long-awaited moment brings all the excited eyes together! The instructors led the babies together to do the anniversary warm-up exercises and animal performances, and the scene jumped to the audience.


                  The colorful parent-child interaction link, so that parents and baby together a happy parent-child time. Parent-child interaction can inspire children to grow up, and it is very beneficial to the healthy growth of children! Look, our mom and dad are having fun.



                  At the beginning of the event, there were many parents who had booked a quota for the baby. The live report broke the golden egg lottery and even pushed the event to a climax!


                  Happy time always passes so quickly, the activity is approaching the end, wishes the baby: happy happy, healthy growth! I also hope that Ruixing Jiabei Baby School will be more brilliant tomorrow under the support of everyone! Finally, we thank the headquarters for their strong support for this event, thank all the teachers who silently paid for this event, and also thank Zhuheruixingjiabei for the successful anniversary of the Baby School!



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                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



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