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                  Xi Da Pu Ben, Ruixing Beibei Dongping flagship concept store grand trial on October 20, perfect bloom ~

                  Author:rekingbaby  Date:2018-10-16  From:rekingbaby  Hits:665

                  Ruixing Beibei flagship concept shop Dongping Center, October 20, 2018 grand trial. More than 1,500 oversized indoor and outdoor space, the latest environment, the latest teaching aids, the latest design.

                  This ... scale, is it super VIP? It has to be! Hey! Please don't have a second to question! This is the Ruixing Beibei after another 12 years of a perfect bloom burst Dongping, with you 0 distance! Hey!

                  New home grab "fresh" look. Coming to greet your new home in RekinBaby. Upgraded to the latest design concept style!

                  640.webp (7).jpg

                  RekingbabyDongping Center, a concept center for early childhood education tailored for children, more than 1,500 oversized indoor and outdoor spaces, Ruixing founder and child space designer has been carefully conceived and designed for more than a year, only to provide children with a Almost perfect exclusive concept space. This is also another strength of Ruixing Beibei after 12 years of precipitation! Everything is because of the dedicated love for the child, with the mother's heart, set sail for love ...

                  Different colors, different shapes, different materials, and different theme features for each space. Give children space and shape visual stimulation, promote the coordinated development of the senses.

                  Simple log color with elegant gray, with an exclusive custom cloud environmental protection lamp, closest to the natural light source, no strobe, color temperature moderate. Not only to the baby's eyes without any harm, but also for the entire classroom to create a warm atmosphere.




                  We're changing.

                  Every change is for parents and babies to have a more comfortable and satisfying experience. Although the child is still young, he will eventually grow up and have his own path. Giving the child the possibility of self-selection is the best way for parents.

                  The 1,500 flat oversized indoor and outdoor space, with full reference to children's psychology, and the all-round space needs of infants and young children, is designed for infants and young children who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, shake, swing, jump, shake, and other natural features. Set amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness as a new generation of children's activity center, put infants and young children in a safe and secure education in a warm environment.

                  The slide next to the classroom is also a bright spot in this change, providing more special experience space for the babies!

                  640.webp (8).jpg

                  Caress doesn't change.

                  The same, of course, is to care for the health of various types of decoration materials and our safety control standards. Fire proof panels that are several times more heat-resistant than ordinary products; The "artificial stone hand washing table with Super antibacterial ability; Customized lamps that are closest to natural light sources and do not hurt the eyes are as safe as ever.


                  An advanced wind system that replaces new air four times an hour.

                  There is a unique set of air treatment technology, so that indoor air lasting fresh, baby care safety. With the mother's heart, to provide baby care.

                  640.webp (9).jpg

                  How's it going? What? The wayward tall on the wooden have? Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you dying to be there? October 20 grand trial appointment you! A brilliant course. Professional early education, dedicated service, so that the quality of Ruixing Beibei more deeply rooted!

                  Ruixing Beibei Dongping Center October 20 grand trial! Come and join raystar Beibei! Come with us to witness this historic moment! It's a surprise.

                  It's more than you can imagine!



                  More rich activities, please pay attention to rixing Beibei official WeChat platform!

                  [Join Hotline]400—088—8050     Teacher Li: 18988661990     Teacher Fan:19928214444     Enlist all provinces and cities to join the cooperation agent!


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                  Pluralistic functionAge educationSmall class teaching

                  Rekingbaby International Education headquarters

                  ADD:Foshan, Guangdong, China



                  More exciting


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