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                  [Rui Xingxiang] minimum 6 °, rainfall and cooling, how do parents give their baby cold protection?

                  Author:amy  Date:2018-01-09  From:Rekingbaby  Hits:744

                  According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, due to the impact of cold air, most areas have a large temperature drop. This time, the nationwide large-scale cooling, parents must give their baby warm measures to prevent frostbite or cold. Ruixing Beibei carefully organizes 7 warm points~


                  The more clothes, the better, the more than one adult.

                  To deal with the cold, adding clothes is the most basic, but experts remind that in winter, children can not be warmed up or raise the indoor temperature. In fact, when the child is overheated, it is difficult to get rid of the sweltering unfavorable environment. Once the ambient temperature exceeds 34 °C, it will cause high heat, a lot of sweating, and dehydration.

                  The correct method of dressing is to increase or decrease according to the climate, indoor temperature and child's condition. It is better to have normal baby face, warm limbs and no obvious sweating. A newborn baby (within 28 days of birth) wears one more indoors than an adult. A baby of 2-3 months old can wear as many clothes as adults and wear one more outdoors. Larger children can even wear one less indoors than adults, and wear the same as adults. Be careful not to be affected by the wind.


                  Pay attention to keeping your feet warm

                  In the cold winter, parents should pay special attention to the child's feet to keep warm, because the foot has a close neural connection with the upper respiratory tract mucosa. Once the foot is cold, it can reflexively cause capillary contraction of the upper respiratory tract, and the ciliary oscillation slows down, especially for children. The mucous membrane is soft, the cilia and nasal hair have not yet grown, and the resistance to foreign bacteria is relatively weak, which is more likely to cause colds or other respiratory diseases.

                  This season, whether the wood floor or the floor tiles are very cool, it is necessary to put thick socks on the children. It is best to have a thick layer at the bottom of the socks. When going out, you can wear cotton shoes with velvet. Children are generally active and their feet are prone to sweating, so the insole with better moisture absorption should be placed in the shoes. In the evening, you should insist on washing your feet with warm water. When you sleep, you can put a hot water bottle under your child's feet, but at the same time pay attention to prevent burns.


                  Wear high waist pants, protect your stomach

                  The baby's diarrhea, indigestion, cold and fever, many are caused by the cold of the abdomen, therefore, parents must pay attention to the warmth of the child's abdomen.

                  The clothes that the child wears during the day, it is best to wear a long coat, can completely cover the abdomen, the waistband should be higher, can cover the navel, preferably live, easy to change diapers. If you are going out, it is best to put your child's clothes into your trousers, so as not to pull your clothes when you are playing with your child or the children, and the stomach will cause cold.

                  When sleeping, the smaller child is better to wear a small apron and then use the sleeping bag, which will save the parents from getting up in the middle of the night to cover the child. Older children can wear jumpsuits or bibs, or wrap their abdomen with a towel, especially for children who sleep on their own.


                  Wearing a hat when going out

                  25% of the baby's calories are emitted from the head, and you must wear a hat for your baby when you go out in winter. The thickness of the hat should be increased or decreased depending on the temperature. It is best to give your baby a hat made of soft, comfortable and breathable cloth. Don't use a hat with a raw edge for your baby, otherwise it will easily irritate your baby's skin.


                  Prepare before bathing

                  In the cold winter, the baby must be prepared for the bath: the space for the baby to bathe should not be too large, so it is convenient to warm up the space in advance with the heater and the bath, so as to reduce the temperature difference. Need special reminder: when using Yuba, you can't let it directly illuminate your baby's eyes; after adjusting the water temperature, you must pay attention to the spare hot water to prevent the baby from getting out of the water during the bathing process. When the water temperature is lowered, you can replenish it at the right time; And the wrapped towel should be in place, the baby can wear the heat in time if it is out of the water; the baby's special shower gel and shampoo should be placed in the most convenient position to ensure that the bath can be taken quickly and easily.


                  Room should be kept humidity

                  Even in the winter, it is necessary to open the window regularly and replace the indoor air. The households that use the air conditioner should also open the window regularly. They should not rely on air conditioning for ventilation. The indoor temperature is high and the humidity is small. It is not good for the baby's respiratory mucosal function and cilia function. The humidity should be guaranteed. It should generally be kept at around 50%.


                  Reasonable diet to resist cold

                  In winter, giving your baby a reasonable diet can also enhance the ability to keep out the cold, so that the child can survive the cold winter. Vitamins can help your baby resist the cold, especially vitamin B2 and vitamin E. Parents should let their baby eat.

                  640 (1).png

                      Finally, I hope that all parents and friends should take care of themselves as a protective umbrella to accompany their babies to spend the cold winter happily~


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