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                  [rekingbaby Xiang] The beginning of the school season, Rui Xing Beibei, prepared a small children

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                  All parents worry about the same thing:

                  Is the baby comfortable?

                  Then you think:

                  What can you do for yourself?

                  In fact, it only needs to be prepared in three ways.


                  Choose a suitable kindergarten for your children

                  The environment is important.

                  The environment that allows children to study and live happily is easier for children to accept and adapt faster.

                  Look at the hardware.

                  Be sure to look in the field. The kindergarten you choose for your children should be like this:

                  Safety standards, plenty of sunshine, beautiful green, spacious classrooms, toys, a variety of functional facilities ...

                  Look at the software.

                  It needs to be observed and felt. For example:

                  How teachers treat their children;

                  What's the teacher-student ratio? The smaller the teacher-student ratio, the teacher has the energy to pay attention to each child;

                  Whether the children in the garden are happy or not, they actively participate in the activities organized by the teacher.How teachers treat their children;

                  What's the teacher-student ratio? The smaller the teacher-student ratio, the teacher has the energy to pay attention to each child;

                  Whether the children in the garden are happy or not, they actively participate in the activities organized by the teacher.

                  Be sure to take your child to feel the atmosphere of the kindergarten. If the child is more comfortable in that environment, parents can also get a feeling of warmth and happiness, basically no problem.


                  In the selection of kindergartens, I believe that Bao's parents will not be ambiguous.

                  Here's the point:


                  Prepare for admission.

                  Can the child be fed, will the teacher feed?

                  Are you thirsty?

                  What if it gets cold and hot, will the teacher help you increase or decrease the clothes?

                  Did any of the kids hang out with him?


                  So many questions. How many of them have you won?

                  This is separation anxiety, very normal, the key is to learn to face rationally.


                  so,How to deal with separation anxiety?

                  Parents prepare themselves.

                  Kindergarten is a place for children to change from "natural person" to "social person". Therefore, please fully believe and respect children. When you let go, let go and let the kindergarten become an assistant to cultivate children's independence.

                  Home ready to connect.

                  Home cooperation, together to help the baby understand and familiar with the kindergarten, do a good job of bridging and transition.

                  The kindergarten is ready for parents to experience reception, and it is convenient for parents to bring their children to the park to familiarize themselves with the environment. They are familiar with the children's daily life in the kindergarten, understand the basic situation of the teacher, and enhance trust. If necessary, the teacher can visit the home to learn more about the children's living habits and be familiar with the children.

                  Parents take their children to understand the environment, daily necessities and rules of the kindergarten, eliminate the sense of strangeness, help children love kindergarten.


                  Live in "pre-kindergarten" at home

                  ● Play a game on the kindergarten: pretend to say goodbye to her mother to go to kindergarten, mother dodged, the baby pretend to be in kindergarten classes, games, eat, sleep, get up and so on, mother pick up from work;

                  ● Use the picture book to talk about the story of the kindergarten, such as "I Love Kindergarten", "Magic Kiss", "Tom's Kindergarten";

                  ● Adjust the time at home, synchronize with the kindergarten time, and develop the habit of napping;

                  ● Teach the baby to eat, independent toilet, wear simple clothes, shoes;

                  ● Teach the baby to express his needs boldly, such as urinating, drinking water and so on;

                  ● Do some physical exercise, such as walking up and down the stairs, walking, running and jumping;

                  ● Play with small partners, willing to take turns waiting, friendly relationship ...


                  Rational treatment of children entering the garden uncomfortable period

                  ● Prepare items required for the baby to enter the garden as required, especially if the child has special circumstances;

                  ● Pick up your children on time, especially when you are late. Be firm when you say goodbye. Don't affect your children because of your separation anxiety.

                  ● Communicate with teachers, trust, understand and respect teachers;

                  ● Stick to kindergarten, do not scare the child not to pick him up or say can not fulfill the promise;

                  ● Take the kids to play in kindergarten after school, chat with the kids, and lead him to talk about what happened in kindergarten, such as what you played? Who's the best friend? Find anything, etc..

                  ● Do not reward children with material stimulation to kindergarten, can affirm his progress, at home more accompany, give love hug and so on.



                  Work with the teacher.

                  Once the children go to kindergarten, they can not leave the teacher's care and education. It is necessary for parents and teachers to cooperate well. In summary, there are "six" and "six don't".


                  ● Help children to become familiar with and adapt to kindergarten life as soon as possible;

                  ● Maintain consistency with teachers and cultivate good habits;

                  ● Talk to the children about the joy of kindergarten;

                  ● Positive guidance for disputes between children;

                  ● Active communication with teachers;

                  ● Recognize and respect the work of the teacher.

                  Six, no.

                  ● Do not be overly nervous and defend rights;

                  ● Don't be self-centered and tell your teacher what to do.

                  ● Don't spoil children without principles;

                  ● Don't rush into success;

                  ● Do not shirk responsibility;

                  ● Don't ignore the teacher's efforts.


                  Adapting to the garden is the only way for every child. It is inevitable to cry at the beginning. It needs Bao Da Bao Ma and the teacher to work together.

                  A good teacher needs the understanding and support of a good parent. A good parent can make a good teacher. A good teacher is a lucky angel on the way to a child's growth. Let us enjoy the love of angels, while together guarding angels!

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