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                  Ruixing Beibei was invited to attend the 9th Development Summit of the Baby and Baby Industry to discuss the new directions for the development of infant and child education in the future

                  Author:rekingbaby  Date:2018-11-09  From:Rekingbaby  Hits:1030

                  On November 2-4, 2018, the 9th "Development Summit of the Baby and Baby Industry" was held at the Jiuhuashan Zhuang International Convention Center in Beijing.

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                  The 9th Development Summit of Pregnant and Baby Children was jointly sponsored by the China Care Next Generation Working Committee Business Development Center and the Credit Engineering Working Committee of the Chinese National Solidarity and Progress Association, and the Promotion Group of the Mother and Child Industry of Peking University, and was hosted by the Mother and Child Circle. The China Integrity Brand Organizing Committee, the China Social Welfare Foundation, the National Association of Health Production Industry Management Association Standards and Certification Professional Committee, and the local industry associations of pregnant and infant children jointly support it. It is China's first mother-and-child all-industry chain exchange platform and China's largest. One of the gathering places for elite communities in the industry.

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                  The summit aims to foster and promote the national spirit and cultural identity in the development of the pregnant and newborn industry and the new generation of family culture. It will shoulder the responsibility of "realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" and "the credibility project for the population, health, and pregnant and newborn industries". With the mission of "improving the quality of the Chinese nation from the foundation and promoting the sound upgrading of the industry", a total of 15 major sections covering infant and early childhood education, maternal and infant services, maternal and infant health, new retail sales, new media, block chains, artificial intelligence, and investment and financing have been established. Become the most influential event of China's pregnancy and baby industry!

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                  Gt; At this meeting, Prime Minister Yuanzhouenlai addressed Deputy Secretary-General Zhaowei, wishing this event a success. Professor Chennaixing, a leading economist and former director of SME research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has comprehensively shared the "New Cycle Economic Trends and Strategies for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises" and analyzed the new opportunities and strategies for the development of the mother and child industry in many aspects. It will play a role in promoting the future development strategy of Ruixing Beibei.

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                  640.webp (10).jpg

                  Rui Xing Beibei founder Ms. Fanyaqing with the head office marketing director Ms. Li Fang was invited to participate in the summit event as a special guest. To be invited to the summit is both a sure bet and an opportunity for the company.

                  640.webp (7).jpg

                  Among the participating organizations, the entrepreneurs represented at the meeting held in-depth dialogues through the summit forum, which laid a solid foundation for Ruixing Beibei's cooperation with multiple high-precision cooperation.

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                  In the management and management, we have learned from many experiences and knowledge, to enhance our strengths and avoid weaknesses, which is conducive to the promotion of the brand of Ruixing Beibei to the whole country, and to build an excellent early education service enterprise that walks in the front of the industry. Such a good opportunity, rixing Bebe seized. Industry takes off, the standard is first, Rui Xing Beibei will vigorously promote the healthy and orderly development of the National nursery care baby!

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                  The tuoyu early education industry is an industry that needs to develop with love, and Ruixing Beibei has always practiced this responsibility and love with practical actions! All the campuses of Ruixing take "love" as the standard to create love, transmit love, and always adhere to the warm and loving early education service! Ruixing Beibei, the collection of World resources, future leaders, we have been working hard forward!

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