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                  Ruixing Beibei straight campus Halloween theme party "demon" you come to party!

                  Author:rekingbaby  Date:2018-10-26  From:Rekingbaby  Hits:1185

                  Halloween is also called the Holy Day. On November 1st of each year, it is a traditional festival in the West; Halloween October 31 is the most lively time of the festival.


                  Halloween is coming, and there are a lot of troublemakers ahead!

                  640.webp (1).jpg

                  No, there's a pumpkin head, and it starts a wave. Like a runaway horse, playing games with us and starting its annual "trick plan". Halloween is coming! The mischievous pumpkin head ran into a queue of 256 pumpkin heads and made a face. Please find it within 20 seconds.

                  640.webp (2).jpg

                  Did you find it? Sneaking to tell you, now the Ruixing Beibei campus, has quietly prepared for Halloween activities! Candy or chocolate? Witch or Superman? The wizard or the Egyptian queen? The priest or the blood nurse? It's all yours!


                  640.webp (4).jpg

                  640.webp (3).jpg


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